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POP TV: Preacher Jesse Pop! Vinyl Figure by Funko


Sure, Jesse Custer could use his persuasive powers to convince you to buy his Funko Pop! figure, based on his appearance in the hit AMC TV series Preacher, but he'd rather you decide for yourself based on how cool it is. The figure captures Jess in a typical moment of...

Preacher TV Series Tulip Pop! Vinyl Figure by Funko


She's no shrinking violet! Jesse Custer's gun-toting ex Tulip O'Hare is one of the most captivating characters on AMC's hit series Preacher, and now she's joined the Funko Pop! collection with this striking figure based on Ruth Negga's portrayal. The figure's urban designer style captures the tough-as-nails attitude that's made...

POP TV: Preacher Arseface Pop! Vinyl Figure by Funko


Eugene Root has had a tough life. From his abusive father to the botched suicide that left him with his memorable mug, the young man who would come to be known as Arseface hasn't had a lot of smiles. No wonder he's thrilled to be joining the Funko Pop! collection...

POP TV: Preacher Cassidy Pop! Vinyl Figure by Funko


For most people a heavy diet of beer and whiskey would be a bad thing, but when you're an immortal vampire who needs blood to survive, it might be considered a wise choice. Just ask Cassidy, the hard-drinking undead Irishman of AMC's hit TV series Preacher. Better yet, ask his...

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